Gremlin Body Repair Picture 30
I received a lot of requests by other Gremlin owners to show the grill I fabricated in better detail. Well, hard to photo being black. I needed it to be black so it would follow the hood detail which it what color scheme I was going for. On the original plastic grill AMC used the plastic was colored silver and had a large silver border encasing the park lights. I left this off because that sort of thing took away from the chrome of the park lights themselves. AMC had 5 thin divider bars running horizontally. Here notice I used 6, but the top and bottom are 1/2 inch wide while the center ones are 1/16 inch wide. AMC used 15 vertical dividers while I used only 7. This gave the grill on my car a flatter, wider, sportier look than the taller look of the silver and plastic AMC grills. Also, it was more difficult to insert your fingers to hit the hood latch on the original AMC grill, not because of height (I reduced high using more horizontal dividers), but they were too narrow side to side. Mine has better finger room to catch the hood release latch which makes me happy. Of course, lots of Gremlins had inside hood releases which make this sort of thing moot. Last but not least, I angled the park lights parallel to the grill itself which I thought looked more modern and aerodynamic while on the original AMC grill the park lights were more horizontal to the ground aiming straight out like the headlights. I used the same mounts to screw the grill to the front of the car that AMC used. I replaced the nylon quick nuts to new ones and used stainless steel screws to replace the original rusty ones. I also fabricated that little grill in the lower opening. The front bumper usually hides this area. I was afraid something would fly up and go through that part of my A/C condenser or radiator if I didn't put some sort of grill there. And yes, that is a Gremlin from the movie Gremlins on the hood! It's not a hood ornament. It would fall off if I left it there and began driving. It's just for my entertainment while I took these pictures.

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