77 AMC Gremlin By-Pass Oil Filter Installation Picture 1
This is the Amsoil By Pass filter kit as it was installed in my '77 AMC Gremlin with a 3.8 Liter 232 6 Cylinder engine. This installation should be identical for both the 232 6 Cylinder 3.8 Liter engine and the 258 4.2 Liter 6 Cyliner since they were basically identical for this purpose. This installation should also be basically identical in the Hornet and Concord AMC 6 Cylinder engines as well. Oil feed is taken from the "T" installed at the Oil Pressure sending unit. Oil is returned to the valve cover. This installation was slightly more complicated than usual due to the fact that a mechanical oil pressure gauge and mechanical oil temperature gauge were installed at the same time. They also were installed at the Oil Pressure Sending unit requiring the fabrication of a special fitting. The sending unit for the "Idiot Light" was still employed so that a light would still light up if oil pressure ever failed on this engine. A 12 volt buzzer was wired into the switched part of the fuse box and the ground for the buzzer was attached to the wire to the "Idiot Light" so that the buzzer would beep loudly when oil pressure is at zero when the ignition is on. I added a warning buzzer to the "Idiot Light" on my '69 VW Beetle also.

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