77 AMC Gremlin By-Pass Oil Filter Installation Picture 8
On the other end of the 1/4 NPT "T" is another 1/4 NPT to 1/8 NPT reducer that had to be purchased separately. Into this reducer is attached a short steel, for greater strength, 1/8 NPT pipe. The other end of the 1/8 NPT pipe screws into the block where the original sending unit was attached. Make sure and use the thread sealing liquid provided with the filter kit and not teflon tape to seal the threads as the sending unit needs an electrical ground in order to work properly. Even though I am installing mechanical gauges which do not need electrical contact with the block to work, I plan to keep the original sender which is electric and has a wire attached to it to make the "Idiot Light" come on if oil pressure ever fails.

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