77 AMC Gremlin By-Pass Oil Filter Installation Picture 9
This arrow is pointing out the elbow (supplied with the filter kit) where the oil feed line is attached that supplies the oil flow to the By-Pass filter. It is screwed into the 1/8 NPT "T" (supplied with the kit). A hole was carefully drilled into the large 1/4 NPT "T" (supplied in the kit) and taped out for the 1/8 NPT threads to accept the 1/8 NPT "T". I could have used a second 1/4 NPT "T" with more reducers instead of drilling the hole and tapping it. But I didn't want a lot of weight here as engine vibration could stress this and cause it to crack in the future. By drilling a new hole I was able to keep this set-up much lighter and the set-up allows for good oil flow passed the sensor for the mechanical temperature gauge for better accuracy.

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