77 AMC Gremlin By-Pass Oil Filter Installation Picture 12
The arrow here is pointing out the fitting for the oil return line which is attached to the valve cover on this engine. Be very careful if you install the return line on the valve cover so as not to have conflict with any of the moving components like the rocker arms. Also equally important, be sure you do not have this oil return line anywhere near a PVC or crankcase vacuum of any kind or high oil consumption will become a reality as the oil is siphoned out into the intake system. Another detail is to make sure to leave a little slack in the hoses for engine movement, but not to put them into a serious bind with too much of a bend which can crimp the hose.

That's it! The By-Pass oil filter is installed and this engine has the cleanest oil it has ever had? This filter filters oil better than it could ever be filtered in the packaging process. In other words, it even cleans up new oil! It removes particulate 10 times smaller than the smallest particle that can cause engine damage.
Now that's clean motor oil!

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