clifford_intake_correct (39K)

Many people install 4 barrel, or even two barrel carburetors on Clifford performance intakes in this configuration because it's much easier to attach linkages, especially if you have to fabricate a linkage to the automatic transmission. This is not a good way to install carbs due to the fact this offsets the carburetor closer to one side of the engine which upsets symmetry even more. Also the two barrels in this configuration scatter their air/fuel ratio across all 6 cylinders making correct adjustments more difficult. Most Offenhauser intakes won't let you install this way for a good reason. This is a bad installation. If one side of the carb is adjusted too rich and the other side is too lean, conceivably and depending on how this vehicle is operated the air fuel ratio might show correct on the spark plugs. Needless to say, this is not the optimum way to install your carburetor on the Clifford intake if you want the best performance. The next picture shows what happens when all 4 barrels are open which creates a worse problem than you see here.

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