clifford_intake_correct (39K)

In this diagram the carburetor is properly installed. As you can see, half of the engine receives the air/fuel mixture from the closest half of the carburetor. When adjusting the idle air/fuel mixture all three cylinders on that side of the carb will respond to adjustments. If you have one side of the carb out of adjustment it will show on the corresponding 3 cylinders helping your gauge how correctly the air/fuel ratio is set. It is more challenging to attach the throttle linkage, but if you check my photos you can see how I accomplished this to assist in your installation. Make note of the fact I have installed a proper linkage to the automatic transmission. There are cables also available to assist you in making a link to the automatic transmission if you're vehicle is so equipped. It will damage your automatic transmission to operate the vehicle without a linkage to the throttle. In the next picture you can see the full throttle operation which clearly shows an improvement in performance due to having a better path to the cylinders.

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