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When I put the greased beaing into the hub assembly I do not pack the hub assembly with grease. The extra grease would hold in heat from the bearing at highway speeds and heat from the brakes and not contribute anything to the lubrication of the bearing. How can it lubricate the bearing in the middle away from the bearing and race? I just take the completely grease packed bearing (illustrated from previous pictures) and simply place it into the hub against the race. Then I smear the excess grease, as seen in this picture, around the edge of the bearing and wipe away the exess. Another thing, if you have excess grease already in the hub assembly from the previous greasing, remove it thoroughly. The grease I am using is AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose wheel bearing grease which is a lithium complex based grease. If you left in the old grease and it happened to be an aluminum complex grease then when it comes in contact with the new grease it will lose its thickening agent and return to its liquid state causing it to run out of the assembly. 70% of greases are lithium complex like the AMSOIL synthetic I am using, But if the old grease were left in and happened to be the aluminum complex then the old grease would liquify and run out. Not a good thing to happen where brakes are concerned. So, just to be safe, remove the old grease completely.

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