Another view of the HEI Distributor. It was easy to wire in (one wire installation). You need to find a switched power source that isn't on when the key is in the "Accessory" position. I use a wire that feed power to the plug for the old decrepid Ford system I removed, since I never intend to go back to this system ever. I had a friend who owned a '77 Gremlin with the stock Ford ignition and it did the same thing as the Fords with this system were doing. It quit without warning and would not restart until it cooled off. The replacement of the ignition control box would fix the problem, but sometimes it would come back. Be careful to check the voltage on the wire you select to be sure it is 12 volts and not a 6-9 volt wire that used a resistor on some older models. This was a '77 model, but if your's is a different year you may accidentally use a wire with a resistor inline for the coil that only has 6-9 volts. This system is designed to use the full 12 volts. Also make sure to connect the wire to the "Bat" connection and not the connection marked "Tach" for the tachometer if one is used. If in doubt ask. It's much cheaper than a fried module.

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