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How Much Does

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Fuel Savings

Updated 12-12-07 (using $3.00 per gallon fuel cost as a comparison)

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A vehicle averaging 30 MPG (miles per gallon) and sees an increase to 31.5 average MPG, increased their MPG by 5% (individual increases in mileage will vary, but for this example we will use a lower figure). This will mean a fuel savings of $71.43 for every 15,000 miles of driving at $3.00 per gallon fuel cost. The following chart will give 5% fuel savings at $3.00 per gallon fuel cost. For a 10% increase double the amount, 15% triple the amount etc.

5% fuel savings at $3.00 per gallon every . . .
MPG 15,000 miles 25,00 miles
40 $ 53.57 $ 89.29
35 $ 61.23 $102.04
30 $ 71.43 $119.05
25 $ 85.71 $142.85
20 $107.14 $178.57
15 $142.86 $238.10
10 $214.29 $357.14
5 $428.57 $714.28

As you can see by the chart, fuel savings adds up, even at 5%. Imagine a vehicle that increases its average from 10 to 11 MPG. That doesn't seem like much, but it's a full 10% saving $428.58 every 15,000 miles of driving at $3.00 per gallon!

Now let us compare costs . . .

Cost of Discount Store Motor Oil
A car averaging 40 MPG, really good mileage, that only drives 15,000 miles per year using petroleum motor oil and changing oil every 3,000 miles will have 5 oil changes per year. At every oil change, 4 quarts of cheap motor oil at $ .89 per quart and one $1.99 cheap oil filter (and I do mean cheap) adds up as follows . . .

$ .89 per quart X4 quarts needed =$3.56 total motor oil +$1.99 cheap oil filter =$5.55 total cost
$5.55 total cost of oil change X5 oil changes per year =$27.75 yearly cost of cheap oil/filter

AMSOIL oil change cost . . .
4 quarts of AMSOIL PCO (15,000 mile drain interval) @ $5.95 per quart plus one AMSOIL Ea oil filter adds up as follows . . .

$ 5.95 AMSOIL per quart X4 quarts/oil change =$23.80 total +$15.30 Ea oil filter =$39.10 total AMSOIL

Since this oil change and filter both are good for the full 15,000 mile period this is the only expense you have for oil changes. Assuming the possibility of adding 2 quarts of oil during the 15,000 miles you would have a total expense as follows . . .

$39.50 original oil change +$11.90 2 quarts of AMSOIL (possibly added during the 15,000 miles of driving) =$51.40 total @ 15,000 miles of driving using AMSOIL

Deduct from this the very conservative 5% estimate of fuel savings from our chart and you get the real yearly cost of using AMSOIL

$51.40 yearly cost AMSOIL -$53.57 fuel saved (from chart) =+$2.17 actual yearly cost of AMSOIL (This shows that you saved $2.17 more on fuel than the purchase price of the AMSOIL and Ea Filter)

AMSOIL cost compared to Discount Store Motor Oil
Now we deduct this from the yearly cost of the cheap bargain oil to see the savings using AMSOIL

$27.75 yearly cost cheap oil/filters -+$2.17 yearly cost using AMSOIL (Once again, the cost of using AMSOIL is a positive figure because the fuel savings came out to $2.17 above the cost of the AMSOIL/Ea Oil Filter) =$29.92 savings using AMSOIL

This was a very conservative comparison between AMSOIL and petroleum using a very high MPG vehicle realizing only a 5% increase in mileage compared to the cost of very budget motor oil and filter.

More realistic . . .

Average Car driven daily with regular oil changes at a Quick Oil Change Center
Driving 25,000 miles per year, at 20 MPG, with oil changes every 3,000 miles would mean more than 8 oil changes per year. Taking an average lube center sale price of $14.99 per oil change . . .

$14.99 cost per oil change X8 oil changes per year =$119.92 total yearly cost lube center

The cost Benefits of using AMSOIL are easy to see. Additional benefits would include performance differences not mentioned in the above examples such as reduced engine wear, easier engine cranking, and lower temperatures under high heat conditions. Using a better motor oil is a cost effective option open to everyone. But only people who compare costs and care to use a better lubricant will benefit. How about you? Try one oil change. You'll be impressed!

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters are designed for the filtration of synthetic lubricants. AMSOIL also makes a special By-Pass oil filter which, when used with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, will make oil changes unnecessary! Through lube analysis you can be certain of the cleanliness of your oil is and the condition of your engine. It's state of the art engine protection.

The AMSOIL Ea air filter flows much more air than Fram and is comparable to K&N while filtering more dirt. It's cleanable and reusable making it quite possibly the last air filter your car will ever need! Less messy than K&N! No need to oil!

Give ams_30 (3K) a try. You'll be impressed.

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